Armijo began collecting sports cards at an early age. My father is responsible for that. It began with baseball and then turned into an interest for non-sports cards and basketball. While living in Oxnard, Calif. I became interested in collecting Gary Payton. I was in fourth grade when I began seeking out cards of him, with decent success.

My interests changed when I entered junior high school. I was away from the hobby for about a decade. I returned in March 2006 when I found TradingCardCentral.com while surfing the net. While there I was reminded of the passion I had for the hobby as a child. I decided to dust off the PayPal and eBay accounts and get to it.

Now, more than a year later, I’ve gathered a hefty collection of Payton cards. As a child, I never dreamed my current collection was possible. But here I am and here I go — always keeping my eyes open for the next pick up. I’m particularly fond of refractors and patches, so those typically take priority over anything else. I also enjoy picking up cards serial numbered with my favorite number, which is 13. Just a neat novelty thing.

Other nonsense

I’m a 22-year-old senior at the University of Oklahoma, studying journalism education. I enjoy music, movies, books, “Star Wars,” Dungeons and Dragons, good food and spending time with friends. I’m also in an Oklahoma City-based punk/ska band called Third Grade Scuffle and a punk band called Over Stars and Gutters.

I’m a devout Christian (Reformed Calvinist) and do my best to live it every single day. I consider myself blessed to be able to enjoy the hobby I do. I believe in “paying it forward” when it comes to the generosity others have shown me.