Bored of the MLB All Star Break

I must be pulling my hair out by now. I hate the All Star Break, hate it. I’m just so bored…. there is nothing.

Even the Sports Center’s top 10 has lost some spark.

Let me explain, with the All Star Break, there is literally nothing interesting going on in sports… at least for me. Hockey is still coming, Football hasn’t opened up camps. Now, baseball is on break.

Sure I could watch golf, but I’m not Doc…. I could watch Soccer, but I’m not Whirly…..

I’d rather mock a draft.

It’s just so boring, and to make matters worse, I get frustrated at Baseball for it.

1st off… the Home Run Derby. How on earth can you carry home runs over from round 1 into round 2, but not from round 2 to round 3? SO WEIRD. I don’t understand the lack of consistency… either carry them the whole way, or not at all.

then, we get to the damn All Star Game.

Does it really have to count? Why do we do this? If it’s going to count, then make it count. Managers should manage, keep pitchers in games, don’t pull starters… and every team shouldn’t get one player. If this is to determine home field in the World Series… if we want it to be serious, then take is serious.

Again, a lack of consistency, how can they pull players just because, and expect it to be a meaningful game?

To top it off, I can’t even switch to another baseball game, or football, or hockey…. it’s not draft season…. Ug… I can’t wait for these dark days to pass.

I’d rather watch my Blue Jays squander in last place than this… I’m bored.

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