Looking for a Fastpitch Team and The 28th Annual Summer Fastpitch Softball Tournament in Prescott, AZ

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Looking for a Fastpitch Team

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The 28th Annual Summer Fastpitch Softball Tournament in Prescott, AZ

If you are in the hot state of Arizona you are in luck fastpitch lovers. The 28th Annual Summer Fastpitch Softball Tournament in Prescott keeps on rolling and gets going this weekend.

Via The Daily Courier — The tournament is back Saturday and Sunday at Pioneer Park with 12 teams bashing the ball around. Most of the teams are local with some coming up from Phoenix.

“A lot of the Phoenix teams want to get to Prescott a couple of times but they don’t care which tournament it is as long as they get to Prescott,” tournament coordinator Larry Stephan said.

And these days, those teams have plenty of opportunities to get up north and play. So while this tournament isn’t going anywhere, it’s not what it once was.

“The truth is, it used to be much better because when we first started doing it in the early ’80s, we were the only fastpitch game in town so we got a lot of teams then,” Stephan said. “Now there are so many tournaments, so much competition in that regard. And the truth is I don’t promote it as heavily in Phoenix as I’ve been able to in the past.”

Stephan said the sponsorship from Hensley in that the most are fastpitch bats for softball teams, keeps the tournament going, allowing them to keep prices decent and to give quality awards to eight out of 12 teams.

The tournament starts with round-robin play and guarantees four games for each team.

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