Fowl-playing No More

So the question that many professional athletes must face is how to deal with critics…Do they take to social media? Do they approach the press conference with a motto? Do they even pursue a live confrontation with the skeptics? While that may work for some…Rickie Fowler handled it a little differently.

Going into the Player’s Championship there was so much talk of many other players OTHER than Fowler. You see aside from the obnoxious orange pants (love those btw Fowler ….do they come in my size?), Fowler Fowler was a name that many had written off as a “waste of talent” and a “can’t win the big tournament” type of player. Nevermind the fact Fowler was the only player to have top 5 finishes in the past several major tournaments and had a very competitive scoring rank, those skeptics continued to bash Fowler for “not getting it done.”

I think my favorite part of Fowler time at the Player’s Championship was much like that of Kanye West’s at the one of those silly music awards shows. When asked how he would like to address his critics, Fowler commented with a statement of (and I am paraphrasing), “well I guess (lifts the newly won trophy) this speaks for itself.” Well played Fowler , and you weren’t even swinging a club to drop that hole in one.

The bottom line is that Rickie Fowler was the best player in the field this tournament. I challenge you to find a player that played more consistently despite the chase from 5 OTHER PLAYERS all within 1 shot of the lead. Oh and to top it all he had to hold off Sergio Garcia (a seasoned, and TRULY underachieving player) for 4 playoff holes.

In Sergio’s defense, Fowler did birdie the 17th hole an astonishing 6 TIMES in his four rounds of golf at the TPC Sawgrass which for all you non-golf sports fans (shame on you for not watching a glorious sport) that means a whole lot of red/low numbers.

So congratulations to Rickie Fowler on a superb performance and a great win. I think….do you hear that…..CRICKETS! Yeah, that is what I thought critics…..why don’t you find someone else to put under the microscope.

Ooo ooo I have an idea….let’s talk about maybe Oakland Raiders football team, Deflategate (and that cheating Tom Brady. Sorry Belch) or something that is an ACTUAL disappointment to their respective sport.

On a quick side note, how about a fun 3 way playoff for the win there at the TPC Sawgrass. Huh Huh….golf got interesting for everyone for ummm about 5 minutes until the NHL and NBA Playoff games started.

Alas, my true golf following brethren will understand my excitement and look forward with me to the next major tournament……The US Open!!

As always, keep it in the short grass and carry on smartly cadets. FORE!!!

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